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Dec, 31 2016 (Last Update: Sun, 21 Jul 2019)

3pul is an innovative sports predictions service, designed to give you the right winning picks everyday. Sports betting is like financial investment, and like any financial investment, the main goal is to make profit.

We all know someone who has bet on sports, never won and even lost. We also know the time it takes to select the right match, studying and analyzing each event to eventually come to a safe pick.

This is why our experienced tipsters thoroughly analyze matches daily and take statistics prior to each event. They take into consideration previous performances, history, injured players, weather conditions and more.

This makes them come to safe judgement with a win accuracy of over 75%.

Accessing an expert service saves you time for booking, while giving you the best possible picks.

To access these expert picks, check out our pricing plans to know which one suits you better.

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